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Core Services


Independent Living Skills Training: Instruction and skill building for living independently with a disability. Topics may include cooking, budgeting, transportation and social skills training.


Information and Referral: Community information and referral assistance to other organizations and agencies to help persons with disabilities. 


Peer Support: Persons with disabilities helping and supporting other persons with disabilities.


Advocacy: Educating consumers about the rights of persons with disabilities, assisting individuals in learning laws to self-advocate and work within the system to bring about change.


Transition Services:  Youth--Assisting High School students with disabilities transition out of public education settings and into Post-Secondary, Employment and other settings.  Nursing Home--Assisting persons with disabilities to receive services to avoid placement in a nursing home setting or to assist those who are residents in nursing home settings to begin to transition back into a community setting. 







Consumers may file a complaint with Disability Rights Florida Client Assistance Program (CAP) by mail: 2473 Care Drive; Suite 200; Tallahassee, Florida 32308, or by phone: (800) 342-0823 (Toll Free).  Their website is: . 


In addition to or instead, consumers may follow the DRC procedures listed below.


The follow procedures have been developed for consumers who are not satisfied with DRC services and/or staff:


In the event a consumer, parent, or legal guardian of a consumer experiences a problem related to their program at DRC, the consumer, parent, or legal guardian must first attempt to resolve the problem with the immediate DRC staff with whom he/she is working.


If a satisfactory solution is not achieved by working with the staff person, the consumer, parent, or legal guardian may submit a written request to bring the matter before the Executive Director.  In such a case, a copy of the request must be given to the staff person involved.  Such a request shall include a detailed description of the problem and the course of action that has been taken prior to the request to resolve the conflict.


If a satisfactory solution is not achieved by working with the Executive Director, the consumer, parent, or legal guardian may submit a written request to the Chairperson of the Board of Directors.  The mailing address is Chairman of the Board of Directors; 300 W. 5th Street; Panama City, Florida 32401.  A copy of this request shall be given to the Executive Director.  The matter will be considered and acted upon by the Board, whose decision shall be finale.


When the desires of the consumer differ from those of a relative, the rights and wishes of the consumer shall take precedence if the consumer has attained the age of legal majority and had not been determined mentally incompetent. 




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