Immediate/Short Term


Tri-County Community Council, Inc.

330 Hwy. 90 West

Bonifay, FL   32425

850-547-4921 & 850-547-4263:  TDD 850-547-9505

Weatherization, Transportation, emergency food and shelter, USDA food distribution, water, waste, canning centers and general services.  Low Income Home Energy help.  CS Block Grant also available for emergencies; deposits on light bills and first month rent


Public Housing



Hud Sectional 8 Rental Assistance Program

107 E. Montana Ave.

Bonifay, FL


Provides rental assistances to individuals or families. Low-income housing


Bonifay Villas

100 Judy Lucas Dr., #A-2

Bonifay, FL



Fox Run Apartments

620 E. Brock Ave.

Bonifay, FL



Indiana Villas

410 W. Indiana Ave.

Bonifay, FL



Oak Terrace Apartments

100 Oak Terrace

Bonifay, FL



United States Department of Agriculture- Rural Development (USDA)

2741 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 5

Marianna, FL

Phone: 850-526-2610 Fax: 850-526-2849

Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Services available to Very low-, low- and moderate-income applicants with ability to repay loans and acceptable credit.  Rural Development is a Federal Lending source that provides financing for affordable housing for families in rural areas whose income would come under Federal Guidelines as moderate, low, or very low income.  Programs include funding loans and grants to build homes, purchase existing dwellings or repair of dwellings.  Grants are only available for repairing of dwellings



Rent/Utility Assistance

Tri County Community Council, Inc.

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

330 Hwy. 90

Bonifay, FL   32425

850-547-4921 & 850-547-4263:  TDD 850-547-9505

The purpose of this program is to aid meet the cost of home heating and cooling needs for eligible individuals and households and to provide assistance in

emergency situations to eligible individuals and families who are without home energy or in danger of losing home energy during a crisis.