CHEMICAL Addiction & Substance Abuse

Alcoholic Anonymous Treatment Program

1008 E.  24th Plaza

Panama City, FL


Services for referrals and assistance are FREE and available 7:00 am- 12:00 pm, 7 days a week


CARE AWARE (A Women’s Addiction Recovery Effort)

2388 Park Ave

Alford, FL


AWARE is an inpatient facility for women, located in Alford, FL, with 24 hour-a-day supervision. Length of residential stay is up to 60 days with a Halfway House program.  AWARE is staffed with full-time addiction counselors, and treatment includes individual and group therapy, drug education groups, family groups, and AA/NA meetings.  Admission criteria require clients must be 18 years old or older and have been unsuccessful staying alcohol or drug-free.


CARE (Chemical Addictions Recovery Effort)

910 Harrison Ave

Panama City, FL


Adult and Adolescent residential facility for people experiencing chemical dependency. Provides prevention, intervention, outpatient, and detox


CARE Drug Court & DUI Programs

4000 East 3rd Street

Panama City, FL

850-872-7676 x4426

In cooperation with the judicial system, CARE integrates individual and group counseling to educate offenders on the effects of substance abuse, not only on the individual, but also on the family and society.


CARE Detox

4000 East 3rd Street

Panama City, FL


Vital signs are taken twice a day, and medications are strictly monitored daily.  Schedules include attending group therapy, Drug/Alcohol Education groups, and AA/NA meetings, sliding scale fee


CARE Outpatient Services

910 Cherry Street

Panama City, FL


Provides TASC (Treatment Accountability for Safer Communities) evaluations for all six Counties in District 2A. TASC evaluations are based on referrals from the Department of Juvenile Justice in which specific issues and behavioral problems are assessed.  Also provides comprehensive assessment and treatment services in six counties for adults and adolescents experiencing substance abuse problems


CARE Prevention Services

4000 East 3rd Street

Panama City, FL

850-872-7676 x4426

ALPHA PROGRAMS - School programs that target high-risk youth in grades 4-6 which include individual counseling and group sessions. PREVENTION PROGRAMS -Comprehensive educational programs designed for the needs of churches, schools, hospitals, civic organizations, and clubs, are available upon request. DRUG FREE

WORKPLACE -Educational seminar designed for employers and employees to generate understanding about the effects of substance abuse in the workplace. DRUG ALCOHOL TRAFFIC EDUCATION - Required course for all first-time driver license applicants who have not completed an approved driver's education course. The course focuses on traffic safety, Florida laws, and critical information on substance abuse. EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PPROGRAM (EAP) - Provides employers with assistance in establishing a program to resolve job performance problems in a positive and cost-effective way.


CARE S.O.S - Youth Services

4000 East 3rd Street

Panama City, FL

850-872-7676 x4455 Fax: 850-872-9202

S.O.S. is a14 bed residential program that meets the special needs of adolescent substance abusers and prospective resident. Client must be between the ages of 13 and 18 years old.  Treatment includes attending individual and group therapy, drug education groups, multi-family groups, and 12-step support groups.  Parents, self-referrals, schools, Department of Juvenile Justice, and the Department of Children and Families make up the population referral base


CARE Reliance House

4000 E 3rd Street

Panama City FL


Substance abuse treatment for men; must go through detox first.  Staffed with full-time addiction counselors, and treatment includes individual and group therapy, drug education groups, family groups, and AA/NA meetings




Myron Schrock

17470 N. Main St.

Blountstown, FL   32424


Medicaid Dentist

Health Care


Apalachee Center, Liberty County Clinic

13888 NW CR 12

Bristol, Fl 32321



Big Bend Health Council

403 E. 11th Street

Panama City, FL

850-872- 4128


Calhoun County Health Department

19611 State Road 20 West

Blountstown, FL


Calhoun County Health Department provides basic family health care services to persons unable to access care from private sectors. Provides early intervention and medical services to children with special health care needs. Monitors the sanitary status of water and sewage systems, group living facilities and other activities that have the potential to threaten the public’s health.


Calhoun Liberty Hospital (local public hospital)

20370 NE Burns Ave.

Blountstown, FL  32424


Vocational Rehabilitation 244 Pennsylvania Avenue, Marianna, FL 850-482-9600 Medical and Psychological Assessment, Vocational Evaluation and Planning, Career Counseling and

Guidance, Training and Education


Children's Medical Services

230 N Tyndall Parkway

Panama City, FL


Collection of programs for eligible (clinical and financial eligibility) children with special needs. Programs and services are family-centered and designed to help children with a variety of conditions and needs. Mon-Fri 8a.m.-5p.m. Call for an appointment


Chipola Healthy Start

19611 SR 20 West

Blountstown, FL 32424

(850) 674-5645 Home or office visits Breastfeeding education & support, Childbirth education, Parenting education & support, Nutritional guidance.


Healthy Start

19611 SR 20 West

Blountstown, FL



Liberty Community Health Care

173616 NE DR 65

Hosford, FL 32334



Liberty Community Health Care

10971 NW Spring St.

Bristol, FL 32321

Phone: 850-643-2292, 850-643-2415; Fax: 850-643-2306


Liberty County Health Department

10971 NW Spring Street

Bristol, Fl 32315


Family health, school physicals, screening for vision, hearing, and diabetes, birth and death certificates, smoking cessation, environmental health services Immunizations, dental care for children and General primary medical care for children


Medicaid and Food Stamps



PanCare Medical Clinic (Medical & Behavioral Health)

16875 N. Cayson Street

Blountstown, FL  32424


PanCare health offers an affordable sliding fee scale for patients without insurance.  Fee for service is based upon household income and the number of people within the household.   Accepts Medicare, Medicaid, and private health insurance.


PanCare Medical Clinic (Medical & Behavioral Health)

11033 NW State Road 20

Bristol, FL    32321


PanCare health offers an affordable sliding fee scale for patients without insurance.  Fee for service is based upon household income and the number of people within the household.   Accepts Medicare, Medicaid, and private health insurance.


Panhandle Area Health Network

5035B U.S. 90

Marianna, FL


Prescription Assistance Monday-Wednesday 8am-3pm Thursday 8am1pm



Big Bend Hospice the Caring Tree Program

1723 Mahan Center Blvd.

Tallahassee, FL 32308


Helps young people grieving the death of a loved one. Loss does not have to be recent for youth to benefit



Access Florida- Economic Self Sufficiency

Help Line- 1-866-762-2237


(Contact this agency if applying for Cash Assistance, Food Stamps or Medicaid)


Florida Kid Care

P.O. Box 980

Tallahassee, Florida 32302-0980

Contact Number 1-(888) 540-5437

Florida Kid Care is a program through the state of Florida that offers health insurance for children from birth through age 18. Families are still eligible for health care even if one or both caregivers are working. To obtain an application for this service, visit To qualify for assistance, a child must:

Be under age 19

Be uninsured

Meet income eligibility requirements

Be a U.S. citizen or qualified non-citizen

Not be eligible for Medicaid

Not be the dependent of a state employee eligible for health insurance

Not be in a public institution

Services include- dental, health, vision, check-ups, shots, prescriptions, hospitalization, surgery, mental and behavioral therapy.


MEDICARE is Federal Government insurance for people who are receiving Social Security because they have worked and paid into the Medicare system for at least 40 quarters (10 years).  They are 100% disabled and it is 2 years after the date of application OR they have reached the age of 65 even if choosing to continue to work and postpone receiving Social Security checks.   Part A--most hospitalization 80/20; Part B—(optional if you work & have insurance) after deductibles & co-pays covers 80/20 most doctor visits & outpatient services, with the monthly premium of $99.90 or more based on income(in 2012 taken directly out of your Social Security check if not on Medicaid (see Medicaid below) or by direct payment if postponing receiving Social Security; Part C—(optional) is co-insurance through different companies to help pay the 20% that Part A and Part B does not pay.  Cost varies.   Part D—(optional) prescription assistance—different programs, that covers their list of medications, cost varies.  For info / exceptions contact the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213 or check online at or


MEDICAID FOR DISABLED/ELDERLY is a Federal & State Government program for adults and children receiving SSI—Supplementary Security Income, who are 100% disabled and/or elderly.  There are small co-pays or no charge for most hospital, doctor/out-patient services, and approved prescriptions.   People receiving Social Security below the payment standard for SSI can receive some SSI along with their Social Security and have both Medicare and Medicaid with Medicaid making the part B Medicare payment


MEDICALLY NEEDY is a “last resort” program for disabled or elderly who are over the income limit for SSI, with medical bills that Medicare does not pay i.e., nursing homes.  The “share of cost” they pay before Medicaid pays is almost an entire month’s income.  There are income and asset requirements.  QMB (Qualified Medicaid Beneficiaries) is a Medicaid program that pays the Medicare premium for certain individuals with a disability or renal kidney failure.  SLMB (Special Low Income Medicare Beneficiary Program) is a Medicaid program to pay the Medicare Part B premium for certain disabled or aged individuals    For SSI call the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1212 or go on line to  For Medically Needy, QMB and SLMB, contact Access Florida at 2505 W. 15th St., Panama City, Florida, or call 872-4185, or visit on line at               


MEDICAID FOR CHILDREN AND FAMILIES is a Federal & State Government program intended to cover low-income children (birth-age--18 and pregnant women)—

cooperation with Child Support is not a requirement. In a few situations the children’s very low-income parents or related caregivers are eligible so they can continue to care for the children with the requirement that they must first cooperate with Child Support Enforcement if both parents are not in the home and included in the Medicaid. 


MEDICALLY NEEDY is intended for “catastrophic medical expenses” for children and parents/relative caregivers of children under the age of 18 who are over income or assets for Medicaid but are under the asset limits for Medically Needy and have cooperate with Child Support Enforcement.  Catastrophic means medical bills that are over the household income for the month of the bills such as hospitalization/surgery or extensive out-patient treatments such as Cancer treatments. You can apply for Medicaid and Medically Needy at the Department of Children and Families office/Access Florida 872-4185 2505 W. 15th St   Monday-Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm; apply on line at; or for children only you can use a paper Kid Care application available by call 1-888-540-54379 (KidCare) and one will be mailed or see  websites below.       




MEDIKIDS (AGES 1-4 AND HEALTHY KIDS (AGES 5-18 is a Federal & State Government program for children who do not have any other health insurance. It has a monthly cost based on income often $15 to $20 or full pay, along with small co-pays (usually $5.00 for services.   There are several requirements including not having any other insurance.  Payment must be made on time each month or benefits are canceled.  For information call 1-888-540-5437 or check on line at for Healthy Kids and  for MediKids. To apply online go to  or use a paper KidCare Application  call 1-888-540-5437 to have one sent to you, or down load/print one from        


EMPLOYER PROVIDED BENEFITS/HEALTH INSURANCE—you should check with your employer for the health insurance.  Often it is the best value for the coverage you get.  Do not assume that you will not need health insurance at a future date.  An illness or injury can cause financial problems for years. 

REMEMBER—no health insurance, government sponsored or private covers everything—know what yours cover, know your deductibles, know your co-pays, know who are the providers that take your insurance, know what medications are covered.  


Mental Health and Counseling Services


Catholic Charities- Rural Outreach Program

112 Pennsylvania Ave

Bonifay, FL 32425

850-547-0099 Business   850-547-3735 Church

9:00 am- 3:00 pm Monday-Friday, Sat every other week 9:00 - 1:00

Homeless and Emergency Services


Community Wellness Counseling and Support Services, Bristol

10611 Florida Highway 20

Bristol, Fl 32321



Disc Village, Inc

1000 W Tharpe Street Ste 14

Tallahassee, Fl 32303


Multi-Site Community Based Child welfare, criminal justice, diversion, and substance abuse/mental health treatment with both inpatient and outpatient. Fees for services are assessed on a sliding scale based on household income


Life Management Center

4094 Lafayette Street

Marianna, Florida 32448

850-482-7441 or 1-888-785-8750

For emergencies call the crisis line 850-843-8573 available 24 hours and day, 7 days a week.  Life Management Center provides comprehensive behavioral health and family

counseling services in Bay, Calhoun, Gulf, Holmes, Jackson, and Washington Counties, Florida. Life Management Center offers professional help with personal problems ranging from family life adjustment difficulties to stress reactions, substance abuse and mental illness


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline-

Call 1-800-273-8255,

 text MHFA to 741741 to talk to a Crisis Text Line counselor

 or visit ?


Rivertown Community Church

19359 SR 71N

Blountstown Fl


Counseling Services provided on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, also financial Budget Classes. Call for more info. & Fee schedule.  Website:


Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s Disaster Distress Helpline

- 800- 985-5990


Veterans Crisis Line-

Call 1-800-273-8255 and press 1 or visit