Emergency Shelter


Anchorage Children’s Home

Hidle House 

2121 Lisenby Ave

Panama City, FL


Shelter for children and teens (ages 10-17 that is used as emergency temporary shelter for homeless, a “cooling off” shelter for extreme family conflict, court ordered shelter awaiting placement, or a safe place for run-always.  This is not a locked down facility.  The residents continue in school and many other community activities.  Older teens that have a job continue to work if they have transportation (Trolley, or ride from co-worker).      


Doorways of NW FL (formerly Homeless & Hunger Coalition)

Address:  819 East 11th Street (AD Harris Complex)

Mailing address:  PO Box 549, PC   32402

Phone:  850-481-5446


Panama City Rescue Mission

Men’s Housing

609 Allen Ave 

Panama City, FL                                  


(Currently closed)


Women and Children’s Housing

Bethel Village

1313 E. 11th St.

Panama City, Fla.


Provides transitional housing in the emergency shelter, for women and children. Cost:  $140/week. ($20/night).  Call for more info.


Home Repairs




LIHEAP Low Income Energy Assistance Program is a federal program to help with the seasonal high bill necessary to heat and cool a home once a year. Services based on income. Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) federal government funded assists with repairs and upgrades need to result in the home becoming more energy efficient. The type of repairs that are provided, for free, include replacing doors and windows, adding additional insulation to floors, attic, and sidewalls where needed, repairing, or replacing heating/cooling systems, caulking, installing solar window screens, lighting, and even replacing refrigerators and water heaters. To be considered part of the weatherization program, these repairs need to result in lowering energy bills and conserving energy resources for the homeowner and community.


Disability Resource Center

(Information & referral source for ramps/upgrades; partners with Hardly Able & Crossing Paths)

300 W. 5th St.

Panama City, FL   32401

Ph.  850-769-6890, Ext. 304



Habitat for Humanity (does some repairs & ramps)

1515 E. 11th St.

Panama City, FL   32401

Ph.  850-257-5859


Highland Park Baptist Church (ramps)

2611 Hwy. US-231,

Panama City, FL 32405

Ph. 850-785-6530


Panama City Community Development (repairs/modifications only in PC city limits)

501 Harrison Ave.

Panama City, FL  32401

Ph. (850) 872-7230


Rebuild Bay (repairs from any disaster)

P.O. Box 306

Panama City, FL  32402

Ph. 850-215-8705


Rebuild Florida (repairs from any disaster) 

Ph. 850-530-3025



Samaritan’s Purse (repairs from any disaster)

(800) 567-8121



Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (North American Mission Board; yard cleanup, hot meals, house/structure repairs, etc. provided after any disaster)

(800) 634-2462



UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief; repairs from any disaster)

First United Methodist Church

903 E. 4th St.

Panama City, FL  32401

Ph.  850-763-6537


Income Based/Public


Long-term low-income housing (income near or below the poverty level).  Property is owned by the city.  Rent cost is subsidized by the federal government.  Rent is based on income (monthly rent can be as low as $0.00 -- up to $600.00 or more/month).  Utilities are not included in the rent.  Tenant must pay 1st month’s rent and security deposit, plus get certain utilities (deposits) turned on in order to move in.  These costs can be as high as $500 to $1000 or more.  There are restrictions on who can live in the apartment and the activities allowed. If regulations are broken, you can be evicted and barred from living in other public housing properties. A small pet (under 25 pounds) is allowed with pet deposit ($300.00 +) and separate “Pet Lease” that includes spaded/neutered, vaccinations, and more. Background and credit checks are done, usually taking about a month.  Waiting lists are usually short compared to other housing programs (i.e., several months to a year-not several years).


AFFORDABLE HOUSING: Long term housing for families or individuals with low to moderate income (near poverty and above). That is monthly income of more than $1000.00 and up for an individual to over $4000.00 per month for a large family (i.e., 6 or more).    Rent is from about $500.00 per month to $850.00 or more per month based on income bracket (minimum and maximum income), number in the family, and size of the apartment.  Rent does not include utilities.  Individuals without children do not have to be elderly or disabled to qualify.  Some complexes allow unrelated roommates to share expenses.  Some complexes allow small doctor-ordered companion pets with deposit and pet lease.  Credit and background checks are done. 


LOW INCOME HOUSING: Long-term low-income housing (income near or below the poverty level).  Property is owned by a variety of organizations such as churches, non-profit groups, and real estate companies.  The federal government subsidizes rent costs.  Rent is based on income (monthly rent can be as low as $0.00--up to fair market value i.e., $600.00 or more/mo.).  This usually does not include utilities.  Required deposits may vary greatly from one complex to another.  Certain federal restrictions apply, but each complex can add their own restrictions and requirements; must live in the apartment complex, background and credit checks will be done. Waiting lists vary some are long (i.e., over a year).


SECTION 8 HOUSING: Long-term low-income housing (income near or below the poverty level).  Property is owned by individual landlords all over the county.  Applications are taken for about month when the waiting list gets low at a Section 8 housing office.  Your name is then put on the waiting list for a “voucher”.  When your name comes to the top of the waiting list your application is reviewed and updated.  If you are eligible, you are given a period of time (1 or 2 months) to find an apartment, mobile home, or house that meets all the Section 8 requirements, and the owner/landlord will rent to you on a Section 8 voucher.  The landlord then gets two payments each month for the rent, your portion of the rent from you and the Section 8 portion from the Section 8 office.  Your portion of the rent can go up and down based on your income.  Usually, you can live anywhere in the county.  Some families choose to continue to stay where they currently live if their landlord takes Section 8.   


Waiting list varies.  Some complexes take Section 8 housing vouchers.  Some complexes only have a few subsidized units.  


Andrews Place

1914 Frankfort Ave

Panama City, FL



Briarwood Garden Apartments

2508 Minnesota Ave

Panama City, FL



Callaway Manor Apartments

5807 Butler Dr.

Panama City, FL



Edgewood Garden Apartments

3325 W. 23rd St.

Panama City, FL



Fox Garden & Fox Manor Apartments

162 N. Fox Ave

Panama City, FL          

850- 871-4151


Foxwood Apartments

1701 Hamilton Ave

Panama City, FL



Gatewood Apartments

7100 Noel Rd

Panama City, FL



Havenwood Garden & Forest Manor Apartments

1600 Florida Ave

Panama City, FL



Lake Garden Apartments

5707 Lake Dr

Callaway, FL



Macedonia Apartments       

1722 W. 17th St.

Panama City, FL          



Magnolia Pointe Apartments

2437 East 11th St.

Panama City, FL



Pana Villa      

1802 Flower Ave

Panama City, FL



Panama City Housing Authority/Section 8 Assistance

2315 Ruth Hentz Ave (Apply here)

Panama City, FL          

850-769-2358 (This is the phone no. to call for all Panama City housing facilities)


Fletcher Black Memorial Homes

11 Bob Sikes Dr.

Panama City, FL

Closed until further notice


Gardner Dickerson Memorial Homes          

1025 N. Everitt Ave

Panama City, FL



Henry Kirkland Garden Apartments

261 N. Everitt Ave

Panama City, FL



James R Asbell Memorial Homes

2051 Lisenby Ave

Panama City. FL




804 E. 15th St.                                     

Panama City, FL

Closed until further notice


Oakland Garden Apartments

1918 Mack Lewis Dr 

Panama City, FL



Panama Commons

1001 Sherman Ave,

Panama City, FL



Pinehurst Garden Apartments

201 East 25th St.

Panama City, FL



Pinnacle at Hammock Place 

2909 Minnesota Ave

Panama City, Fl



Royal Arms Garden Apartments

1420 Balboa Ave

Panama City, FL



Sand Dune Apartments

8011 Front Beach Rd

Panama City Beach, FL



Sherman Oaks Apartments

901 Sherman Ave

Panama City, FL



Springfield Housing Authority/Section 8 Assistance

3806 E. 8th St

Panama City, FL

850-769-1596 (apply here)


Stone Harbor Apartments

501 Alf Colman Road

Panama City Beach



The Reserve at North Shore (only a few)

2101 West Hwy. 390

Panama City, FL






Long term housing for senior citizens ages 55 and older with low to moderate income that prefer to live in a complex without children. Income is restricted between a minimum and maximum amount. Rent does not include utilities.  Credit and background checks are done.  There is a waiting list.




Low-income housing for individuals who are over 62 or disabled (i.e., on SSI, SSDI, 100% VA, etc.).  Some of the complexes allow relatives or caregivers to live with the resident.  Some do not allow children to live in the complex, only visit.  Some of the complexes allow small pets (pet deposit and other rules).  The residents must be able to live independent as this is not assisted living.   Always has a waiting list.


GIBB Gulf Coast Village (disabled)      

6200 N. Lagoon Drive,                                       

Panama City Beach, FL                                       



GIBB Village Springfield (disabled)

3301-3407 East 4th Street

Springfield, FL



Siena Gardens

901 W. 19th St.

Panama City, FL